Why is Digital Marketing Making so much Noise?

My friend, Sushma, is a sucker for learning new things. Now, because of too much time availability, her craze is shot up. She is a bit weird too, not but yea.

Let me explain, she kills her time on Google.

Who on the earth does that? She does! In one of the 2 hours calls, she said she was on Google for 1.5 hours straight. My reaction was ‘Woah! What do you guys talk about? ’ Seriously Man! Who does such things! I guess it is not her, there must be people like her so I am writing this to save those weirdos’ BFF from this talk. (:P haha..)

Coming back to her, there were so many keywords she like Marketing vs. Digital Marketing , Digital Marketing, SEM, SEO, Content Writing, and many such words. We had a long discussion on how to learn content writing, what are the courses for digital marketing, niche meaning, and selection, some examples of blogs, etc.. You know, Google only answers you but it can’t hold on to any conversations. Those 1.5 hours she spent on Google was she asking questions to google and understanding the answers.

Sounds weird, right? I know. But anyway, while talking to me she saw something a bit unique and strange, it was named with ‘digital’ in front of it, something like digitalxyz or DigitalDeepak (He is a leading digital marketer in India, by the way). It sounds so different when someone adds something like ‘digital’ to their name. She tried to dig more about it and that’s when she realized that those people are digital marketers.

She is from Medical background so she did not actually understand what’s happening.

To clear it up, Digital Marketing doesn’t mean you will start marketing your products with a Laptop in your hand showing presentations for sure. But before getting into Digital Marketing, let us understand what is Marketing.

Digital Marketing is an extension of Marketing but, , Marketing is not an extension of Selling. Did you get my point? Yes? Man, you are smart. No? we will learn it together now. Don’t worry, you will be smarter by the end of this conversation.

Selling Vs. Marketing

See, selling is making sure that people buy your product and not bothering about the knowledge that people have about the product or if they need that product in the first place, something like torn currency after buying something 😛 C’mon, don’t judge me now, we all did it once at least, we passed it on to the shopkeeper and ran from that place, that’s more like selling. Just painting a picture to explain that selling follows ‘push strategy’.

Marketing is more of a ‘pull strategy’. Can you try to guess what is ‘Pull strategy’ now? It is very simple, we are making sure our customers need our product and they are aware of usage, and then encourage them to buy it.

Now that we know the difference between selling and marketing, let’s jump into the next question that Sushma and you might have.

 Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Yes, that’s right. I am talking about understanding how Marketing and Digital Marketing are different. Both of them are very deep topics and need months together to actually understand the meaning, implementation, and to gain complete command over the subject. We don’t have so much time now, do we?

So, let’s see if we can discuss these in simple words.

Marketing is when we apply pull strategy in the real world, you know, something that we can touch or has a complete physical presence. Examples here could be billboards, newspaper ads, radio ads, etc.

To understand what happens in digital marketing we have to first know what is digital space. Any medium which uses the internet can be termed as digital like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and all such platforms. Marketing done in any such platforms are termed as digital marketing. Now you get an idea of things are different? Roughly yes? That will do for now 😛

Search Engine

Now that we are familiar with the word Google, let’s discuss what is Google. We can Google about the Google here! I am funny (haha :P)

Google is one of the search engines. The meaning of search engine is nothing but an engine that answers us with the most relevant information. That is exactly what Google does, right?

Don’t you think?

Google answers our questions with the most accurate information available. This information is fed into google by people like you and me.

What exactly do we mean by feeding Google or any Search Engine?

Anything that we post on any platform with no restriction (posted as public) will be used while answering the query.

But how will the search engine like google decide which is the right and relevant information?

Content Writing

It is based on the words you use in your information. Based on matching between the words that are present in your information and the words used by the searcher, the ranking of the information is decided on the search engine.

This is where content writing comes into the picture. So, what is content writing now? I know, I heard you. It is definitely not as complicated as it sounds. It is pretty simple, okay, okay, not that simple but very doable.

Content Writing is writing about a topic. like a diary but still very different from the diary. I will tell you how exactly.

To whom are we writing the content? Searchers or I can say seekers of our information. But what is the bridge between our content and the searchers? That’s right, it is Google or any search engine for that matter.

Now you are getting it… A search engine is a bridge that we have to cross to reach our people. So, while writing we have to keep 2 sections in our mind. One will be a search engine and another one will be our searchers.

But for us to reach our searchers, we have to talk in their language. What exactly is their language? How do we know that? There are many tools that say about the language which searchers use. Okay, sorry. It might have got a little complicated now.

When I say ‘searcher’s language’, I mean the words with which they are exactly searching for information that we have. These are called Keywords. If our words match, the search engine will automatically start favoring. This is something that needs great research and the right information.

Content writing or blogging requires the right research but it not very difficult as Google Answers us always!

Blogging/Content Writing can be done on any topic, like traveling, UX/ UI designing, personal branding, earning money online , 2nd incomes , dieting/nutrition, taking care of new born or about how to age with care, guidance on website building like which theme to use Elementor or Divi, may be topics like how to search for the best water purifier or any such great ideas etc..

Search Engine Optimization

Writing anything that is paired with proper research and the right structure will make Google help us reach our people. This nothing but SEO which is Search Engine Optimization.

Doing this is free, SEO is free. Not exactly completely free, it requires lots and lots of effort.

Content Writing and SEO go hand in hand. They are interdependent on each other. For example, consider this blog on public speaking, here SEO, keywords, and blogging are working together.

Search Engine Marketing

There is something that is very like SEO but is not free. This will definitely increase the traffic to the website very quickly but will cost us a bit. That is called SEM, Search Engine Marketing. It is so much like a paid ad.

All this explanation to Sushma took much more time than you know, it really took 4 hours for me to explain these terms very superficially.

It is always fun to talk about things you love.

To sum it up, Digital Marketing is mainly marketing on digital platform, search engine will help us reach the searchers and this is done with the help of Content Writing, Right content writing can help us rank on SEO. The paid version of SEO is SEM.

I hope you got a rough idea about everything?

Let me know in the below section what you think.